I get asked all the time, "How do you do it?" when I put together my digital comic art, so I thought I'd take a little bit and actually run through the steps. For this, I'll use my drawing of Captain Atom and Nightshade from my Fun Stuff section.
1. We just start out rough sketching the basic idea. I don't worry about being real exact here, I'm more just trying to get the basic composition and action down in place. This original started off about one quarter the size of the final. I would enlarge it for the next step.
2. I took the first step and enlarged it to fit my final size. After that, I made an Adjustment Layer out of it giving it a feel of being drawn with a non-reproduction blue line. After that, I started to pencil over it again, but this time getting a little tighter and adding a little more detail.
3. For step 3, I repeated Step 2 and just tightened things up more. As I've gotten more and more comfortable with working with a Wacom tablet, I've found that I use less steps now in the pencil stage.
4. For this step, I used a tool created by comic artist Freddie Williams III called the Perspective Path. With this path, it's real easy to set up a 1-, 2- or even 3-point perspective with out ruling any lines. I'm using a 1-point perspective here. I placed the path as a new layer on my drawing and then resized the path to get a close "fit" to what the perspective was in my drawing. I then stroked the path with a light blue color and put the layer behind my pencil drawing.

For more on Freddie Williams' Perspective Path tool, just click